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where do I get R-12?

I had my mechanic check out my A/C system because it wasn't working properly. There were two problems, one the blower doesn't cut on, and he didn't find what that is because it's apparently some electrical problem and he didn't wanna run up the bill on me. The other problem is that the A/C doesn't cool.

He says the compressor wouldn't cut on until he jump started it because the low-pressure switch wouldn't let it start because the compressor is low on refrigerant. Apparently that's the only problem with the A/C not cooling, but it's the R12 system and the mechanic says he can't get any R12.

I did some checking up on here and most people (and my mechanic) agree that R12 is better than R134a, plus the conversion would run upwards of $1000. So, the mechanic said he'd put in R12 if I can get it, and I wanted to know if any of you guys know a good place to get them. I did a search on e-bay and found this, but I'm not sure if it's the right stuff.

Any help you guys can give me is greatly appreciated.
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