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Winters over and A/C season begins

Well I bought my '84 300d last summer when I couldn't stand driving without A/C in my older 240D (sold). One of the reasons I bought this particular 300D was it's condition and records. One of those records was literally a complete replacement of the A/C system within the past 4 years $1300 (still R12). Thought that expense would be behind me for awhile....


I believe it's a long story leading up to this A/C's failure but may help someone else see some potential warning signs with theirs.

Anyway, when I used my a/c last summer It blew really nice and cold. No problems at all. My first fall with the car came and went and began using the defrost and heat as normal. About December when it got colder, noticed my car ran a little cold blooded and more vibration than I ever noticed. Problem most noticed when cold starting in the morning until it got up to operating temp. Shaking eased up some immediately if I turned the defrost or heater off. I posted on this board with my concerns on this and pretty much came to the conclusion that this was normal for these cars in the winter.

One of the things I did to try to help this cold morning running was to replace all the glow plugs. I just did this a few weeks ago. It was at that time when I noticed my A/C belt was broken which I think had just recently happened as it was still hanging there. I couldn't get around to replace the belt for a week or so so drove without it during that time. I replaced it asap as I thought these cars needed that compressor to constantly be turning to keep healthy. Got the belt on and turned on A/C...everything was fine and blowing cold. Until last night on my way home I noticed kind of a howling, groaning noise. When I opened the hood the sound was coming from the compressor area. I took it to a good A/C shop near my work today where they inspected it and said the clutch looked pretty bad, was really hot and making the noise. They also think the compressor may be toast too. when I turned the A/C on to engage the clutch they noted how the engine was struggling trying to turn these parts and the motor was shaking. Thats when the light bulb went on in my head thinking maybe all these cold blooded issues could have been related to the A/C...doesn't the climate control cycle the a/c on and off automatically???

To make this long story finally end, they would like to have the car back in the morning to test the system for leaks and to see how much refridgerant is still there. The site glass showed no bubbles or anything. Bubbles mean air in the system and nothing could mean it's completely full or completely empty.

The price of my a/c system replacement still depends upon the any leaks but looks like it might be $1200.

Thanks for my venting and for the extra space on this server to place my post.
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