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Originally posted by The Warden
Lucky you...I spend far more time with my a/c on than with my heater on in the car. I just wish that the truck's a/c worked...and that the house had a/c! I can deal with cold weather just fine; it's heat that I can't stand...
Hmm, maybe you haven't had a 35mph wind gust hit you while it is -5*F outside, or the day the MB wouldn't start it was about 5*F with a 15mph wind. I spent over an hour out there trying to get it to start, all my fingers lost feeling (with jersey gloves on). Same here, but as long as I'm not in a bad traffic jam I don't mind temperatures in or above 90s unless the humidity is brutal. I HATE humidity, it is just so miserable to be in! Other than when I first start the car and the interior is well over 100*s (note to self, count feet of window tint stocked and order more!) I don't use the A/C very much unless the humidity is high.

I have to completely recharge the A/C system in the talon after getting a new drier and all new seals, it worked excellent until last winter which is when it must have failed. What doesn't make sense to me is how it is still airtight (I put a little air in it to test this, months later it was still holding) but yet it leaked out all of the pressurized freon in a couple months. I'm guessing the compressor took a crap as I don't know what else could do this. Very low priority though.
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