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I had an educational time reading many posts before posting this topic, and determined that everyone here is *very* knowledgable and helpful -- thanks in advance for any light you might shed on my questions.

I recently purchased a 190e 2.3 that has been crashed. It was not a salvage vehicle, and receipts for all related repairs were included. It needed a radiator and strut, hit front drivers side area. The current owner has had it for a number of years and has put many miles on it since the crash. It needed a radiator and strut, hit front drivers side area.

My first problem is that the oil light comes on once the car warms up, and stays on. The level is fine per the dipstick and my oil pressure is fine. Someone told me it was common to have this light or the check engine light stay on after a crash. I had the compression checked before I bought the car about a week ago, and the compression was fine. Any tips would be appreciated, but mainly I wonder if this is a "dangerous" (meaning potentially costly or motor-killing) problem.

Second, the car shifts hard. It has an auto transmission, and does not slip or vibrate, just seems to go into gear hard. It is worse when the car is cold, but my parents have an identical car, except it is a 1993, and it does not shift hard. (He mentions that it does tend to "wind up" to high RPMs before shifting when it is cold.) The fluid is a little dirty, but full. I am taking it in to a Benz specialist for a fluid and filter change, and hoping at worst that the modulator needs replaced, or at best that it just needs adjusted. Comments or advice? I saw some posts on different models, but figured the tiny 190 has a different tranny...

Finally, two power windows are non functional. The prior owner gave me a few old switches he had, and said that these particular switches were non-coated at the factory, and frequently need cleaning or replacement because of their unusual location... Comments? If changing the switches doesn't help, where do I start looking for other problems? Obviously I have checked the fuses and they are good - besides, don't they all run off the same fuse? So two working would imply that the problem is at the switch or the motor or in the wiring between the two? Any help on this especially appreciated...

Anyway, thanks for your time. I really love the way this car drives, it is just like my dad's 93 model which I have always enjoyed driving - but I'm probably considerably lighter of pocket than most Benz owners... Being a complete automotive idiot, I will benefit greatly from ANYthing you might tell me.
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