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Let's work together not apart!

By all means, I would certainly encourage all "members" of MercedesShop to voice their criticism of MBCA along with any suggestions for improvement. I have yet to be involved with any organization that I could not find things that I would change if given the opportunity.

I benefit frequently by the information gleaned from the posts on MercedesShop and, being in the Atlanta area, look forward to the opening of MBAutowerks in the Spring. Donnie, perhaps it would be a good idea to invite the Peachtree Section of MBCA to hold a function at the new shop. You and your team could put on a tech session and also show off the new facility. A plug for MercedesShop and the PartsShop would also be in order.

There is a role for MBCA, MercedesShop, and MBAutowerks to each serve the needs of the Mercedes owner and enthusiast.
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