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Originally posted by KenSilver
Well, after a quick call to my MB people it appears all red taillights are illegal here. So goodbye to that upgrade!

just upgraded my taillights to the smooth 1999-2000 yr model ones. Complements the rear end of my 92 SL. The tail lights are red but still have a built in orange reflector so its not illegal. and they make the car look years younger than it is

Plus i upgraded to the Euro halogen assy and clear bosch signallamps and the updated euro headlight wipers (One straight piece unlike the american wipers that have 1 piece higher then the other) and it makes the front 5 years younger

even for halogens, the euro ones are very powerful..the SL used to have DOT headlights which were awful at light, they seem to be designed as a headlight within a headlight..yuck..
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