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Re: front end shake @ 55-65 mph

Today I replaced the steering damper and checked the torque on the wheel bearings (12 lb/ft).
Front wheel bearings should not have preload. They should have free play. The W201 spec is .01 to .02 mm, and I suspect the 124 is the same.

"Incurable" wheel balance problems are usually caused by tire out of round or radial force variation. When it's spinning on the balance machine I always view across the top to the tread to get a feel for runout, and it should be less than about 1 mm.

My suggestion is to find a shop that has a Hunter 9700 that can test the tires for runout/radial force variation. If they are out of spec you should be able to get an "adjustment" from the tire manufacaturer if they still have one-half of the usable tread left, but this varies with manufacturer.

I think you can find a local tire dealer with a 9700 from the following web site.

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