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Buying a car for the time being is something I have considered, but since I insist in a roofless ride and saw the prices on the internet US dealers dare to.....
The american vehicles cost even more in US dollars as in dutch guilders!!

I figured out it would be worth bringing in one of my own convertibles. After the project I am hired for is finished, I want to take a couple of months off and start travelling the states east-west-east and I think that an additional 40to60k miles will do something with the value of an american vehicle!

Importing an A-class....I have recently driven a brandnew 2001 A170CDI elegance-AMG (yeah, right: a little tiny diesel engined vehicle with an AMG body kit and 17" wheels modified at the MB factory) and believe me: that is not a car you want to spent a lot of your time in.

I have been considering purchasing an american 500E, but I know for sure that I do not have sufficient self control to drive around with an american regulated speed... I travel a lot through Germany and that "atobahn"...

The W124 convertible I want to take is German registered and to import it into the Netherlands will cost me more as shipping it to the states and back.
Now that I am going to use it for more than a half year whilst living outside the Netherlands for more than one year, the Dutch government let me import it nearly for free since I will be considered being an immigrant...(strange country, heh?).

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