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It appears that the earlier of the two posts has been eliminated from the search process. (I couldn't find it either, but JCE did. Is there a trick to it JCE?) In any event, Iíve attached below something thatís an improvement on the original. You can still get the later post through the search process (try barrie, with a small Ďbí).

When I replaced the headlights on my í86 300E with Euro versions, I also made a simple bracket to attach the old motor to the headlight assembly. This is necessary because the location and angle of the mounting hole on the Euro frame is not correct for the US motor.

The old wipers/washers work perfectly well with the Euro lights. One limitation of the US arrangement, is that they wonít fully clean the fog lamp section as do the Euro wiper arms/blades. Although I havenít yet tried it, one could probably use the Euro arms/blades on the USA motors.

The Ďbracketí is simply an L-shaped piece of aluminum plate that you attach to the underside of the light assembly to hold the motor shaft (same as your old version). The size and location for your mounting bracket will be evident when you align the motor on the light assembly. Line-up the motor for an appropriate sweep and mark the location. A piece of aluminum (approx .07Ē) with one bend is all thatís required to make the bracket. Attach it with a few metal screws. All of this can be done on your workbench.

If you optimize the wiper location for the best sweep area youíll also need to drill a new hole in the fascia plate (plug the old one with a plastic grommet).

This job will take you a couple of leisurely hours (thatís with a beer in one hand).

If you need more, let me know.

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