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I've discussed these questions in other posts, but still a good idea to revisit them here.

Yes, you can buy new fascia plates and paint them. But there's really no advantage - just extra cost. Drilling a hole in the old plate takes 1/10th the time and effort of painting a new one, and the grommet-cover is virtually invisible behind the wiper. Your call!

The US and Euro wipers use a different 'rest' position (pointing-in vs pointing-out). You can do the same thing with the US motors by switching them to the opposite side (they are labeled Left and Right).

Do NOT cut the shaft to shorten it. You'll get two nasty surprises: 1) the US motor will still not mount on the Euro lights, and 2) you'll no longer be able to attach a wiper arm to the shaft because the required threading has been removed. You'll either have to get a new motors, get the shafts replaced, or find some other fix.

Shaft length is not the problem. The location and angle of the mount on the Euro frame is simply not correct for the US motor. To utilize the US motors you'll need new mounting brackets as per description in the earlier post. They are easy to make in less than 5 minutes. As I indicated earlier, the whole Euro light conversion including the wiper/washer stuff takes about 2 hours (probably LESS if you don't have to figure it out as you go). If you use the US wiper arms the parts cost is a small piece of scrap aluminum..

Using the 1" longer Euro arms/blades would complete the Euro look. One proviso, I have not tested the longer wipers so I can't guarantee their compatibility with the shaft diameter of this motor. My guess is that they'll work fine.

Hope this helps,

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