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I have read up on all the fabulous information on the ABS and ASR problems on the forum, but still can't make out what might be some of the problems:
First, the ABS and ASR light came on even before I started the car and stays on all the time.
Second, the water temp gauge is not functioning
I noticed in a previous post that a 500E owner had the same problem.
Third, the lights have been coming on intermittently at slow speeds and/or when going over a bump while turning - although restarting the car always eliminates it.
Fourth, I just posted about having my air pump pulley go south but don't believe that it has failed yet and don't think this could be the problem.

PLEASE, any ideas before I have to go to the dealer on how I can diagnose this?
Why would the lights be on before I start?
How do I know if Limp home mode is on?

92 500 SEL (140) 100K miles

Joel P. Davis
1992 500SEL
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