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Alright Donald
Thanx for the info. The Jacobs data I just wanted a personal opinion 2, as well as the air induction. Remember Blue Igniters spark plugs. My friend put this on his car and he felt no change on any performance whatsoever. That is why I was asking. It is a naturally aspirated car as well. It is just that I have tried the cold air induction on 3 cars. Two of the cars were for track racing. It did not do anything, so I was curious as to how it performed. I have done similar things with a turbo car, but the effects are much more effective. I actually did notice sonething. I wasn't trying to ask for data from a dynometer, just a personal observation (unscientific), of how much of an impact it improved the car and what the effects were specifically, ex: torque, response, etc. I do get the message however that you felt something to make it worthwhile.
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