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What a bunch of front end work can do.

After replacing the front sub-frame mounts, steering dampener and shock, plus getting a minor alignment adjustment, the only thing left to do was have the steering box resealed. I'd had a minor leak from the weep hole for a while now, and lately it's gotten worse. Went to my local independent Tech Franz this morning and dropped the car off.

In and out in a few hours, what a difference. He dropped and resealed the box, and was able to adjust out the slack in the worm. All I can say is WOW, the wheel feels so responsive and the whole front suspension now feels like new.

He did run into a little problem though, learned about it when I popped in 'round lunch time. Apparently the prior owner (or his tech) in an effort to quiet the steering wheel 'clack' stripped out one of the allen head bolts that secure the coupler. Instead of splitting the coupler, Franz had to pull it from the steering column, then spend some extra time removing the stripped bolt. Franz even gave me a tour of the steering box while it was on the bench, very interesting, and so simple to center the worm.

After the tour of the steering box, we went over the underside of the car. Franz gave me good marks on the sub job and pronounced the car in good shape.

A reseal job and three new coupler bushings made all the difference in the world. No slack, no clack and no clunk. Now I really feel ready to take on the Ortega under speed . Every once and a while it pays to farm out a job
to the pro's.

Just felt the need to crow.
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