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Living close to San Jose, CA, I'm lucky in that there is a battery rebuilder in town. Yes, thats right, they rebuild batteries. Costs about $24.95 for a big diesel battery and they last for 4 or 5 years. When you have 5 or 6 cars like I do, it adds up. (2 MBZ) Only a 30 day warranty, but it is either going to work or not. I have had excellent luck with them over the years - never a dud. A handy item to have is a battery checker that will put a load on the battery when testing voltage. I occasionally test my batteries and when I find them low, give them a charge and, if they don't come up to spec., replace them as you know they are on the way out.

4/07 Alas, the San Jose rebuilder is now out of business. Perhaps a victim of the environmental movement or perhaps the old boy just got tired of it.
A pity!

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