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Ordering Keys

I recently ordered some extra keys from the local M-B dealer for my '85 300D. These were ordered off of the VIN (the title and the VIN on the car both match). The keys I received do NOT fit any of the locks; not the doors, ignition, or trunk. They are too wide and just won't even enter the locks.

The two keys I currently have appear as though they're factory-issued M-B keys; they have the star logo, the Huf script, and are all-steel (as opposed to the brass knockoffs).

The technicians at the shop where I have my cars serviced (themselves former employees of the dealership where the keys were ordered) do not believe that the car was re-keyed.

Does anybody have any idea what the deal is here? Mistake on the dealer's service department? Modified car? Where can I get keys that'll fit?
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