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fellow members,
some of you may remember me as the fellow who began his 240D engine rebuild some month and a half ago. i am pleased to report that the project has come to a close. that is, the engine is finished and will be installed this saturday with a little help from my brother. i have only the break-in procedure in the haynes manual to go by, and would like any additional input on how to effectively break this engine in. are there any seasoned engine guru's out there with prior experience? i'd appreciate any input, thanks
william gum
some info on whats been done to the engine:
new main and rod bearings
crank balanced and polished
new pistons
new cyl sleeves
head reworked w/ new valves
new cam shaft and rocker arms
new timing chain
new gaskets all arround
various other small parts replaced
(say a little prayer, and keep those fingers crossed on saturday when i turn the key............)
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