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What a gluton from punishment you are. There are marketed units that turn any light you want when the engine starts with 75% brightness and have a timed delay OFF. Or use your Fog lights by simply turning them ON. I use the type I referred to on my fog lights. Cheap, solid state device, reliable and effective. You really went a long way to get something that was right in your hand, or in a J.C.Whitney Catalog #646J-01, page 103, item # 13AS5227R, cost $24.99.
As to the effectivness of DRL in the prevention of head on collisons, this was studied when the highways were two lane not divided. The National Safety something did the study in the mid 1950s. After market manufacturers jumped to it and there were all sorts of lights on the market. Someone similiar to Ralph N. came up with the bright idea that the automobile had two of the best DRL available, the Headlights, turn them ON. Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston.

running lit-up@0.75 of 80watts.

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