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heheeh you obviously havent been to the DMV to get a license as a 16 year old in 1991 my driving test took all of 10 minutes to do.

Drive down the block, parallel park, do a 3 point turn, make a right turn on a corner, turn left at an intersection, and pull back into the DMV. easy as cake, and a 98 on the test, a 95 on the written.

Donald in actuality all I am really saying is people get careless and some will end up leaving the lights on.

Me, I always turn everything off before I turn off the car. Radio, AC/Heater, Close sunroof, windows, etc. Lights off if they are on. Then I turn off the car. get out and lock it. It must be a habit. I lock it even if just running into a store for 1 minute sometimes.

I sometimes even lock it by accident when filling up with gas. Sometimes I even lock it and unlock it then relock it to make sure its locked. hehe. I guess I'm just weird like that.

But I tend to find that many people around, bluntly put, are idiots, and will end up doing something stupid liek leaving the lights on etc.

Better to be safe than sorry I say, can't go wrong if they turn off when the car turns off.

Ever notice how BMW's turn off the headlights but leave the parking lights on if the ignition is off and the switch is left on.

I guess BMW just figures Everyone is capable of being stupid and leaving the lights on. at least the parking lights wont drain the battery as quick. hehe

I myself just have no need for DRL's. Only time I think headlights need to be on is when you can't see.

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