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What is water buffalo hide? I dont know if I am talking about the same thing as you, but when I got my Acura Integra, the model I bought came with cloth but Acura threw in leather for free and sent me to a place that put the leather on the seats. They let me choose the color, leather, texture, etc. etc. out of about a thousand samples, well I chose this one that felt real nice and smooth and chose it. Well when I got the car back 2 days later the leather on the seating surfaces of my seats was this really hard and rough leather that I personally hate. The sides and areas that dont get high wear are covered in the leather that I actually chose that is soft and smooth. Nothing the less it has held up real well and there is absolutely no holes wearing into it (from where you slide into the car) but I really hate it, it is very hard, very uncomfortable and very rough. It looks real nice though cause it hasnt worn out a bit since I got the car.
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