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Benz aficionados,

I'm contemplating retrofitting an automatic tranny to my W116 280SE
Euro. The car currently has the original 4-speed manual gearbox.
Used transmissions in my local Benz yard are in abundance and I
should have no trouble finding a good used gearbox from an M110-engined W116 or W126.


What parts (apart from the new tranny) are needed for the retrofit?
Will it be a straightforward bolt-on job or does it entail more
elaborate modifications (driveshaft, engine parts, etc.)?

Was the original auto tranny on the stock W116 280SE a 3- or 4-speeder?

Will an auto gearbox from a W126 (identical M110 engine) be suitable for this transplant?

Any other thoughts/advise welcomed.

Kuala Lumpur
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