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My anthracite gray 300E, with 135,000 miles on it, started to handle differently about 2 years ago. Very soft and squishy, not responsive like it used to be. Put on new Mich. MXV4's, new tie rods, drag link, new shocks and struts, new sway bar bushing's and connecting links front and rear, helped a little but not like before. When I took the car to be aligned(local Euro shop, not MB dealer) they said it was very hard to align, and it took them almost 4 hours. Someone told me that Bilstein made 2 different style shocks for this car, comfort and sport. Is this true? Also, since the car is older, could it need new bushings etc. in the A-arms, and new eliptical bolts? Could they be worn out and this is why it is hard to align. How hard is it to replace them. I'm a very competent mechanic(Honda Motorcycles). But of course if this is hard and requires to many specialty items, I'd leave it to a pro.

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