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Buffalo from Africa is very soft, although can endure a lot of ware. It is very expensive, and would cost many thousands to do a car interior in. A small handbag or purse made of buffalo is in the $400 range, and it is very supple. However, it depends on how the hide is tanned to how supple it can be. In my E320, hte interior is not buffalo, as buffalo has a distinctive grain pattern to it. A new CLK I am possibly thinking about purchasing at the dealership has somewhat heavier grained texture than my '96, but still the same grain pattern as cow. The supple textures of the designo is due to the longer tanning process of the leather. Diffrent techniques require more work, therefore more money. I don't know if the designo is worth 7k, but they make some exterior changes as well as interior I do believe.
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