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block heater

i've thought very seriously about installing a block heater, especially since weather often dips into the teens (not extreme....)
the reason, however that i did not install such a heater is becuase i do not have, nor could i find an allen socket large enough to unscrew the freeze plug. does anyone out there have one of these allen head sockets??? if so, where did you purchase such a device? or, could i borrow this tool to install a heater? also, how difficult is it to install a heater when the engine is in the car? i am going to reinstall the engine this weekend and will not be able to attain a heater or freeze plug tool before then. thanks
william gum
p.s. i cant use the heater before initial start-up because there wont be any coolant in the block yet, therefore the heater will not transfer hfeat through the liquid.
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