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Larry, You spot on.

Harry, it doesn't hurt to consider/respect alternative views.

My cars are a hobby. Will indexing eeek out a weeeee bit more performance/hp/gas mileage? Probably. How much? I don't know. Noticable? Not with my equipment or "seat of the pants" feel. Certainly nothing equivelant to a first class tune-up, higher compressions pistons, different cams, timeing etc.

There is a body of work out there, that has looked at indexing. The item that caught my eye was how complete the total burn appeared to be as compared to the flame curtain effect. I don't have the info/data anymore and it's a mute point for me. Indexers are very inexpensive.

I do like Donald's observation, "closer to your machine". It's a hobby and a passion. Not emotional and I try to not squash others ideas or thoughts.

Cheers all.

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