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Wrong Lights, Right Idea?

What I hate is people driving around with their PARKING lights on! Drives me nuts! Donald knows what I mean. Headlamps for driving, parking lamps for parking, right, Mr. Swinford? These damn kids nowadays, no respect, I tell ya!

But, on the issue of lights and traffic safety, whatever happened to the "flashing" headlamps on motorcycles that were supposed to be safe? Didn't last long...

Clancy, yer a crazy nut! Everytime I drive with my foglamps on for safety (like in the serious rain we had today), some Jerk o' napes hasta give the the brights to tell me what I already knew, and he wasn't bright (pardon the pun) enough to figure out, They Are Fog Lamps, You IDIOT!

You want safety? Put a gigundous diesel truck airhorn in your Mercedes, and don't be afraid to use it either! Bleet, Bleet? What the hell did Mercedes have in mind there? Sounds like a stinkin' VW, I tell ya!
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