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Out of curiosity, did the guy of bekkers tell you why or he just said it wont work?

Personally I see it like this. its more profitable to sell all new lights than just the lenses which are much cheaper.

I would think that the headlight itself did not change, because it has to fit the same front fender openings on the cars. Now based on that, maybe on a US unit they arent interchangeable, but that is obvious. But if the lights are euro's then you should probably be able to just go with the lenses.

I would think that its still cheaper to try just the euro 94-95 lenses first, then return them if it doesn't work, and then order the other lights.

I think its going to take someone actually trying it before we know the tested method.

But based on what I have been told and based on what I believe, the actual headlight itself on the euro models from 86-93 should be no different than a 94-95. the only difference should be the lens.

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