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Sounds good- - - -

Glad to hear (not yet) that your new muffler did the trick for your 400E. That also is the sound I'm trying to find for mine. Do you know who manufactures Magnaflow as I may also get one for the 190 as it's a little too loud as is? I
would need that one with a 3" inlet and dual outlet.

For an update, the rear end swap is still on hold as I get the motor rebuilt in the 190 and get the 400E back together.
It came out of the body shop this past Monday and looks great. The only one in the USA without a sunroof! The diet lost 50 pounds and up high for less roll. I've got a shop lined up to make the axles, so I'm still doing research for the project while forging ahead with the others. I'll keep you posted.

4 MBs
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