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Dude! Yer 18!

When I was 18, I had a '54 Ford pick up truck, it was toast within a few months, Then I had a Triumph TR3. Damn nice car, for Brit iron. Wish I had it still. I went through cars like I went through girls, ALL Hard, & Fast. I wish I had the maturity at the time to appreciate them all, and I wish several of them were still around to enjoy now that I'm more mature. I can remember the best (of the cars AND the girls, but hey, this IS a car forum), a Black '57 Chevy Belaire with red interior, my lost love...

The problem with owning a Mercedes at your age (I know, I just lost your attention, and I'm not saying what you want to hear), is that no one has the sophistication and maturity to TRULY appreciate that kind of vehicle with only 18 years on their chronometer. Sorry, sad, but all too true.

Slow down. Stop and appreciate the car. Drive it with respect for the engineering, and a sense of what it could do if you need it to. But remember that it ain't a Camaro, or a 5.0 Mustang. You didn't buy a Mercedes to be a muscle car driver.

Or, sell it, and buy a series of "feelin' my oats, don't give an F, cars" that are all too disposable. Believe me, we've all been there, and you will be here all too goddamn soon...

I had a friend who owned a car lot. When he had someone with a car to sell or trade in that was "owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays", he would first look at the wear to the rubber on the pedals, then he would take it for a drive. And the first thing he did, after he got on the road was to check the "presets" on the radio. If they were all what used to be called "Top 40", or rock 'n roll stations, then he would decline, because he knew the car had been driven like a rented mexican mule.

When you are 18, you think that you know more than the old folks who came before you, that you will live forever, that you are bullet-proof, and invincible.

Don't worry about it, enjoy! It won't last forever...and neither will the car if you thrash it.

Take a driving course from a local race track that has a "Bob Bondurant, or Skip Barber" type course that teaches skid recovery, high speed pursuit, and how to handle a car in an emergency. Believe me, if you do, it will help you get the "bugs" out of your need for speed, and, more importantly, you'll learn to respect and appreciate your Mercedes.

All I can say, is that I am real DAMN glad that I didn't have a Mercedes when I was 18. I would still hate myself to this day for what I would have done to that car while I was still learning how to appreciate driving as more than just, what did you say? "floor it often, accelerate fast, brake hard (when needed!), put the shifter into selective gears and sometimes hold it there at high RPM"....

I won't continue to bore you with my safe driving, and accident avoidance lecture, but I really think someone should, before you get to see why that car was engineered so well.

PS, I thought a "Hottee" was a female babe...or is that a hottie?

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