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I would only say that since a car is only a tool of a sort, one should be allowed the freedom to drive one's car in the manner in which it makes the driver the most happy and fulfilled. Though it once did, true inner happiness for me no longer comes from mashing the pedals, free associating with the shift knob and randomly engaging the ABS. If it does for you, young sir, please do so in a manner and a place where a mis-mash or incorrect association doesn't cause anyone or anyone's stuff any harm - including you and yours.

I got to drive a Mercedes when I was a little older than 18 but no less immature. It was a magnificent 6.9, and the owner, my teacher, was all too happy to let me shuttle it for him one afternoon. My passenger and I climbed in and at first I tossed, mashed, associated and slammed a little bit and then I realized that the machine had more than I'd be able to ask of it. It was humbling. I stopped treating that 6.9 as if I was Don Garlits and settled in to a magical and forever memorable low-altitude high speed flight across the Arizona desert, accompanied by a blazing sunset and the girl I thought I'd love 'til death. It was a 140 miles of incredible bliss.

It's 27 years later, and I still think about that car ....

Your C280 may not last long, but...what the hell. Enjoy it, but don't hurt anybody doing it.

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