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Do you mean a step by step procedure for the whole job, or just for putting the cover in place? I'm going to assume that you just mean putting the cover in place.

First, you must clean the cover and all sealing surfaces thoroughly. Install a new camshaft seal in the cover and oil the seal. Check the end of the camshaft to ensure that there are no burrs or nicks that may cut the seal, if there are dress them with sandpaper or something, then clean up the dust and debris from this operation. Put the magic translucent blue MB sealer (I will try to remember to get the actual product name for you when I get home) in the slot at the bottom where the U shaped seal goes. Put the U shaped seal in place and put some more blue goo on the seal, dabbing some in the lower corners at the end of the U seal. Put the blue goo around the sealing edges of the head where the cover will mate. Place the cover in place with downward pressure against the U seal. Move the cover toward the head while carefully guiding the camshaft seal onto the camshaft and maintaining downward pressure on the U seal. MAKE SURE THAT THE SEAL DOES NOT ROLL AS YOU MOVE THE COVER TOWARD THE HEAD. You can carefully use your fingernail to keep the seal from rolling. There is a special tool available for this, but if you are careful, you can successfully get the seal over the camshaft end.

Once you get the seal started on the camshaft without it rolling, push the cover toward the head and into place maintaining the downward pressure on the cover to keep the U seal in place. Start a few bolts and thread them in finger tight to keep the whole mess in place. Put in all bolts and tighten them evenly.

Hope this helps,
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