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This thread drew all these replies before I read it the first time. I enjoyed it very much, and it brought all sorts of thoughts.

I think everyone goes through some sort of "burning youth" at the age of hottie. The magnitude of the fire is what varies. For some it may mean that they get so wild that they say "heck" or "darn" while their parents aren't listening. For others it sometimes goes completely off the scale resulting in death, prison, or whatever.

My wishes for everyone of hotties age is that they can go through this phase of life in peace time. I went through mine after being drafted into the US Army in 1968.

I do hope that hottie and all others of his age can experience their fire of youth with good clean fun, driving fast or whatever, without causing injury or death for themselves or anyone around them.

My son just turned 21 and I feel so relieved that he has lived his youth in peace time.

Have a great day,
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