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I just read tis entire post and though I just had to reply it.
As you all might know (by now) I am from the Netherlands and live near the German border (approx. 10km). I bought my first mercedes 190D (4-cylinder diesel) when I was 21 and drove it for 2 years and 9 months. The car had driven 400k km when I bought it and 600k km when I sold it (for very good $$$).
I have been driving this car to the limit for about 3/4 of the time I owned it and I do mean to the limit, the 1/4 descend driving were city-driven kms). In the Netherlands the fines you get do not influence your insurance, so I did not bother the fines as long as I could still pay the requested amount of money. I have been travelling through europe whilst driving nearly flat-out for 1300km in 9 hours and some 15 minutes (stop-fill up the tank-go).
I bought myself a C250D (5-cylinder diesel) which is being driven to the limit as well (although not as often anymore as in the past; I think that the wisdom by age is starting to get to a minimum required level...).
With this car it is still the same, although I have been taking down the average speed (lost my driving license for several (12 LONG!!!) days. I still accelerate up to 4000rpm before I shift it (manual) into the next gear, but the car is doing GREAT.
I own this C-class for 225k km and 3 years now and the total "kilometrage" is 350k km now. NO PROBLEMS so far.

This attitude got me into serious trouble after I have been stopped by the police after a 20km pursuit (I was stopped by the third police car involving this pursuit) on a 80km/h road (the handling of the car was great and I thought I could get away on this extremely curved road; the gap with the police got bigger and bigger whilst I was cornering the curves with 160-170km/h (flat-out).
I have been punished severe and during my probation time I have made the same mistake (being caught by the police) again.

If you give your car enough time to warm up in a descend manner (driving it very calmly), it will keep up with your disabuse for a long time; off-course, some parts will wear down much quicker, but that is something you choose for whilst driving like an Asocial bastard! The bottom line is that I have experienced my benzes to be adequate vehicles to keep up with a lot of uncommon use (or improper driving behavior).
I never had any trouble with my engines, manual gearbox or whatever...and therefore I think it should not be considered whether the car can handle the driving style you mentioned, but whether the traffic situation allow you to drive like that. Just watch out for all possible other users on and besides the road; you don't want to do them any harm!

19 Year young chicks with C-classes!!! Damn, I do not live in the right place on this world... I wish we had them as well!


1990 300SL-24
1993 C250D
with a minor 600+k kilometer
(the Netherlands)
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