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ever since reading Bob Bondurant's book on high-performance driving, i have been so conscious of driving smoothly. That is what is being hammered into your head all throughout the book, and the same being advocated by Jackie Stewart.

being smooth on the gas, brakes, clutch and steering wheel means gradual loading on the drivetrain, suspension and chassis, which means lower impact loading, wear and tear, and longer life. All the more since i have a 5spd manual. But even if you have an automatic, if the engine/transmission electronics do not reduce torque in between shifts (e.g via spark retardation) for smoother shifts, you need to help it a bit by momentarily backing off the gas at the right moment.

you can drive hard all you want, but concentrate on being smooth and "easy on the machinery", and speed will follow.

and concentrating on being smooth is like some sort of therapy, some sort of "tai-chi" for driving.

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