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My CD manual is much easier and faster to use now that I have copied it to my hard drive and made a bookmark to access it directly. If you have a spare gig or so of space, the procedure is simple. Mine is a 124, two disk manual that I copied to my D: drive from my CD drive, G:. Other manuals might take a little experimenting to find the correct bookmark. If you have problems, feel free to email me directly. The procedures are:

Go to the DOS command prompt from the "Start", Program" menu

mkdir 124_1
mkdir 124_2
cd 124_1

xcopy /s g:
cd \124_2

xcopy /s g:

Open your browser; in the location, enter:

This will open the select model window, avoiding the intro and disclaimer pages. Bookmark the link. The location of disk two is the same except change 124_1 to 124_2.

Good luck.
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