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Once more for the record, Hottee no one is making any age issue because I guess you can say "we've been there, done that". Concensus is you can drive you Benz hard and it boils down to - not so much driving hard, but how you drive it hard. After you've read enough of "our" posts, you'll notice that we too push our Benz's now and then too.

All the advice given is good even though it may not particularly apply to your situation. As one gets older, they tend to pass on these words of advice (sometimes fatherly, even grandfatherly perhaps) often from experience. Plus it seems to be an innate reaction, seems to just happen (I always swore I'd never do the things my dad did - hey, who said that).

Now the only thing tickling me is MBenz's mistake - was it getting caught again, or was it doing the same thing to get caught again?
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