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Years ago, while driving the Alaska Highway in my old Peugeot diesel, a rock put a hole in the fuel tank. Since that was a common occurance owing to the fact it was a gravel road, every shop along the way sold a compound called "Seal All". This stuff reminds me of the old fashioned plastic model airplane cement. ( The kind you can't buy anymore.) According to Alaska Highway legend, it works even on bullet holes up to about .38 caliber when used with a bit of old T-Shirt material. I plugged the hole with it, drove the rest of the way to Alaska and back, which was about 7000 miles. When I got home, I could not locate the site of the hole. I kept the car for another 4 or 5 years. It never did leak again. I have never seen Seal-All in the stores here in the U.S. until just last year, while Christmas shopping, I saw it at a K-Mart automotive dept.

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