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I thought this info. would be very helpful to those of you who may have similar problems with your cars.

I had mentioned this before about how the interior trims in my car would make clicking, ticking and rattling noises. After countless of hours trying to detect the problems, I finally found where the noises came from:

1. The clicking that I have been hearing came from under the front right passenger seat. It was the black horizontal bar behind of the seat frames below the cushion that was making the noise.

2. The ticking noise, according to the service advisor, was to do with some sort of electronic wiring harness under the driver seat that making the noise.

3. The rattling noise came from the back panel behind the seats where the speaker and the first aid kit are located.

The car is still at the dealer for fixing, since I sent the car in only yesterday. The service advisor told me that they heard the same noises while test driving. Appparently, they had to remove both the driver and front passenger seat to fix the seat frames and wiring harness noise problems. Definitely sound like a big job to me.

Also, they have to remove the back panelk to insert felt in it to dampen the noise.

At the meantime, they gave me a 2001 ML320 courtesy vehicle. It only has 3,200 km on it, and the door steps are full scratches. I cannot stand how inconsiderate and
abusive those people are to the courtesy vehicle. Just because it is not their car, they abuse it.

Anyway, I hope they fix the problems in my car. I will let you guys know how it goes...

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