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There's nothing more enjoyable than driving a car to YOUR limits but you'll have to pay for that fun.

First to mind is the full throttle driving. The engines bottom end can stand the load; it's the top that can't and give long valve life. At full throttle the combustion chamber pressure is at the max. The valves are slamed closed against the valve seats. That's the price for a heavy foot. This is a typical condition found on imported used Benz from Germany. Expect to have the valves ground and the guides replaced prematurely.

Then comes the drive train. The standard transmission cooler isn't adequate for your type of driving. Possibly a secondary cooler would help with the higher trans temps.
Flex-couplings, mid drive shaft bearing.
Rear axle shafts.

We've all gone through what you are enjoying now.
Now at age sixty-five I drive like the typical little old man. And I'm trying for 200,000 miles on my spark ignition '87 300E without any cylinder head or transmission repairs.

Go ahead and have your fun but don't blame the Benz should you need repairs.
All of your fun doesn't lend itself to a long lived Benz.

Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston.

Donald, an old stick in the mud
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