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I can feel the excitement you are feeling. Not only that but what a beauty.
I have an'87 300E and at about 90,000 miles I had the mid-muffler removed and replaced with a 3" Y pipe to the rear muffler. That gave me a very throaty, mellow sound. I LIKE IT.
The old tub has 170,500 miles now and the rear muff doesn't want to give up the ghost, for then I'll opt for a less resrictive muff as you did.
I'm concerned about to choice, for me, in the S.S. construction. If I can get 170K miles from OEM material, then why the S.S. considerring the cost difference. They do offer S.S. tips for that appearance.
I don't want to do away with a good original muff, it has become a game now trying to see just how many miles I can get on typical replacement parts i.e mufflers.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from mellow Houston.
yours look sharp
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