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I know your right about leaving well enough alone. I guess my goal is to have the car operating at its best and catch problems before they become serious. I'm not stressed about it, just trying to give my wife excuses to spend more time in the garage.


Funny you mention the Dyno thing. The guy yesterday rolled the car up to the Dyno and I said "Oh BTW the car has traction control" and I told him it won't work on a two wheel dyno. He scratches his head and gives me this look like yeah whatever. Then he calls the local MB Tech (not sure which one) and asks him. This is what shocked me. The local MB tech suggested turning of the ASR via dash mount switch. He insisted that it exists even after I explained that it didn't. The guy spent 5 minutes looking for the switch and finally changed his attitude. He proceeded with the high/low idle test only. Very frustrating. I know it's not common knowledge but do these people deal with liars all day giving them the right to ignore customer comments?

Anyways the same test was performed although the RPM's were slightly lower than the last time. HC's on the higher RPM's were closer but still higher than last time. I wonder if elevation change and outside temps could have affected this as well?

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