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Just a few tips when changing spark plugs.
Have the proper spark plug sockets, yes 2.
When removing the plugs use a socket that has the rubber insert. In this way when your remove the socket the plug comes with it.
When installing the plug use a socket with out the rubber insert. In this way when you remove the socket from the plug it freely come off, not staying on the plug and all you get is the extention.
Use Hi-Temp anti-sieze on the plug threads. I use Loctite Hi-Temp anti-sieze with nickel. It takes just a dab.
Apply a silicone spark plug boot lubricant to the inside of the insulating boot. I geet mine from Auto Zone. $1.00 for a small packette.
After setting the gap and they are installed, using your torque wrench tighten them to spec.
Just that simple.
1 3/8" rachet and extention
2 3/8" plug sockets. one with and one without an insert
A spark plug feeler gage
Insulator lub
Fender apron
Hood vertical
Cool Engine
Oh yes, new spark plugs
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston
Donald, I have a plug board with a second set of plugs for I'm forever trying different gap settings
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