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I only catch a glimpse of the HID headlights ever so often on the road. From what I noticed, the disperson of blue is even throughout the light fixture for HID's. In the case of the PIAA Super Plasma, the core is bluish purple, and disperses outwards towards a lighter shade of blue...In terms of degree of bluishness, I think the core of the Super Plasma's are slightly bluer than the HID's, and disperse outwards to the same degree of blue.

In terms of the Super White, there are actually a number of variations. There is the Super White, Platinum Super White, and the Xtreme Super White. I think carry them for a pretty decent price. I've only seen the Xtreme Super White, and I thought they looked pretty good. However, they seem to be a little strong, and make the entire head light section of the high/low beam look very defined. I didn't like it; I prefer more of a intense core that shades outwards.

I actually never took a picture of the light bulbs before...sorry.
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