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I am sorry about how you perceive your relationship with your father. I don't know either of you, but you might be surprised to find out that it isn't what you view it as. It is very rare that a Father doesn't truly want to have a close relationship with his son.

Try not to be so defensive. I'm sorry if it seems to you that your driving skills need to be validated, but they don't. I believe that you are a responsible and capable human being, or I wouldn't take the time to respond to this thread. I think that TXBill said it very well "as the thread got longer and longer your driving seems to have gotten more tame.

No one EVER expects to be in an accident, that's why they are CALLED accidents. You really haven't got the point yet. Try to remove yourself from the "trees" long enough to view the "forest".

Do you think that Ray Barrios thought he was going to be in the accident that took his life? Even the best drivers cannot anticipate, predict, or compensate for the actions of other drivers on the road. The fact is, we really have no control over what other drivers do, only what we do. And if you are already pushing the envelope in your own little world, and someone else's little world suddenly intrudes into yours, then we have a prize-winning recipe for disaster. A truly defensive and safe driver avoids accidents by expecting that they could be in one every minute they are behind the wheel.

Take time to digest all of this. Don't feel you must respond every third post or so. Let it ferment for awhile, then reread the entire thread. But this time, pretend that the originator of the thread is someone other than you. See if that doesn't give you a fresh perspective.

And Robert, you should have sued Ozzy, man! It was obvoiusly his evil devil-music that drove you over the edge!
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