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I have owned three of them >

[list=1][*]Stay away from a 4Matic - it will be nothing but trouble (just in case you are tempted like I was by an older wagon)[*]Try to make sure the head gasket has been done recently since they fail every 50-100k miles[*]Wiring harness - if it has not been replaced figure $600 for a new one[*]Oil leaks - aside from the poor head gasket design that leaks oil in back, the timing cover seal leaks in the front[*]Service History - you will be incredibly lucky to find the car you want with one. Most Americans don't bother.[/list=1]
I love the design of the car - it is just the right size and rides like a dream, but it costs like a nightmare. Plan on $2000 a year in repairs and maintenance. Some years a lot more!
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