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I've got a 94 E320 wagon. I recently (2,000 miles ago) put EBC "green stuff" pads on the car so that I could stop washing my front wheels every other brake application. Before I put the pads on I noticed that my front rotors were exhibiting symptoms of warpage; it didn't get any better with the new pads (although the new pads put out very little dust and stop the car very well). I had to take my car to the dealer for some warranty work today so I asked them to check and replace my front rotors if necessary; they said they'd only replace the rotors if they also replaced the pads. I told them no, I like my new pads (and they cost $80). They're now checking with their service manager to see if they can replace the rotor without the pads. I don't understand how the pads could have anything to do with rotors warping. If the dealer won't do it my way I'll take it somewhere else where they will, unless somebody out there can enlighten me as to why it would be necessary to replace the pads at the same time as the rotors. Any thoughts on this?

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