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Engine has problem--car starts out very slow until your foot is all the way down on gas, then it surges forward. -- -Suspect fuel system clogged.
-Exhaust has hole somewhere
-Car starts very well
-Brakes are rock hard
-minor rust rear rockers
-Auto matic trans
-interior smells rank (mildew), but i can clean it
-PA salvage title
-no accident damage
-have 240D in very good shape in which I rebuilt engine so I know car well
223K miles
-car will need work
-BENZ emblem missing on hood
-power antenna broken
-engine hood release, the plastic thing you pull to open it
is gone. Must use pliers on remaining cable
-Plan to repair
first fuel system
then replace timing chain if car is good

I need advice--am I buying a hulk or a gold mine?
I'm a fairly good weekend mechanic with no talent but lots
of luck and perservrance.

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