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Have to admit, I have never heard of that oil or anything like it either. Are you in the United States? Perhaps someone else in this forum can shed some light on that note.
However, I would take the note with a grain of salt in any event, because, as far as I know, nothing "permanently lubricates" an automobile engine.

Mr Swinford's comments are well taken. Given the crankcase capacity of MB automobiles and the recommended frequency of changing the oil, synthetic can be a quite expensive option. Frankly, I have always used dino oil in my MB and so far, so good. When my car was new, synthetic was not among the oils recommended by MB, if it even existed then.

There is a strong feeling among many that changing the oil frequently and properly is more important than which type you use. (You will likely receive some advice from member Larry Bible, our resident guru of oil changing, before this thread is ended ) It is my opinion that you can do whatever pleases you about oil type at this point, just get some fresh oil into that engine.

Now, I am going to duck for cover.
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