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The door checks or stoppers as some people call them, on my car need replacing. I want to get that firm feeling back in the doors as you close them. Right now all you need to close the door is a light push. So I called the dealer and they list 2 different part number and prices for the fronts versus the rears. They want $37.20 a piece for the fronts and $43.20 for the rears. I looked them up in the "partsshop" and there is only one listing and of course the price is cheaper, $28 a piece. So now I am confused, is there a difference between the doors? I know that the front doors open wider than the rears, so to that extent I can see a need for a different door check. The partshop doesn't specify in their listing. Any help would be appreciated. I'd like to get the classic "THUD" sound back in the doors and not the loose clank sound it has now.
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