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Leon Hernandez
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Driving Hard

David: perspective is also a function of our age. Save this thread and read it 6 months later with some quiet time. I rode hard and fast for many years on two wheels. By God's providence I paired up with a certified Keith Code race school certified instructor, now a close friend. I participated in many of his classes as a student, once because HE showed me how bad I needed it and many more times because I wanted to refine my skills. It was at this time that I realized how we fool ourselves into denial and think we are OK until someone else shows us a different "perspective". I realized that had I continued to ride in my present style (Kenny Roberts wannabe!) I would be pushing daises for a living. The training gave me a great appreciation for the motorcycle(s) (86 Ninja 1000 @ 151mph!) style, technique, finesse and a tremendous sense of satisfaction that comes from carving up a sharp "S" curve in the Texas Hill Country at my own level of competence. Now I take these skills and apply them to my 94 C280, love that car! (Birthday wish a performance course)
Summary: perspective, comes with maturity (age?! ) Relationships? Have never met a father that does not want a relationship with their son. I think it's the "manly man in us that makes us tend to drift away from close relations at times. Off topic but think it goes with perspective and attitude in our lives and our cars. Someone has to take the first step to admit a readjustment in how we will handle our cars and who will make the first move for that Kodak moment with dad. This very forum could very well be the ice breaker. would bet that he would LOVE to share his wisdom on driving if you gave him a chance!Although there has been very sound reasoning and advice shared here by to many to mention and this is a great community on line NO ONE can share their wisdom with you and have the same impact as your very own dad. AND if he likes cars we would welcome him also as a member to this forum!!! give it some thought, now and later down the road.
Keep the rubber between the lines and the tach off the redline! Best regards;Leon
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