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yes, had all four shocks replaced, plus tires rotated and balanced...and had previsously had steering shock replaced -so it is better now. Had two of the techs drive it and tell me that it was as good as it's going to get for a 126 with 234,000 miles. Since I had recently had a valve job, new catalytic converter and new a/c parts (pushbutton unit/aux water pump), I plan to drive it to 300K minimum. Only one cocern - original owner let it go 10-12k between oil changes, and I have read that W126 V-8s are susceptible to camshaft wear. It still has lots of power, but if I ever have engive rebuilt, will likely put in new camshafts. Have seen them advertised for around $500 each, but not sure if those are M/B parts or aftermarket.

By the way, there is a wide discrepancy out there in cost for Bilstein shocks for W126.

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